Mal Pais - Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Mal Pais/Santa Teresa is located in the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula on the open Pacific Ocean. There are several beaches to swim, surf or snorkel. The main attractions are the unique conditions for surfing and the pristine tropical nature.There are miles of beautiful uncrowded beach, fringed by palm and almendro trees, with reef and point breaks. Cabo Blanco, Costa Rica`s first national park, is only 3 km south. Santa Teresa, approximately 6 km. long, has grown quickly in the last few years with people coming from all corners of the world and transforming this little village into one of the most trendy destinations in Costa Rica.

Traveling to Mal Pais - Santa Teresa

There are 3 primary modes of getting to Mal Pais and Santa Teresa



There are two choices, Sansa which flys out of the international airport and Nature Air which flys out of the regional airport in Pavas, a San Jose suburb. Both airlines have several flights daily into Tambor, a twenty five minute flight. Prices range from 55 to 90 US dollars one way. From Tambor to ST/MP it is a $50 and 40 minute ride. Another option is to have a rental car waiting for you at Tambor. Casa Azul is centrally located in town and many of our clients have found they do not need a car. If a client does want to explore the area, car rental agencies are located right at the beach, 100 yards from our entrance. ATV rentals are popular too as are the local taxis.


Rental Car

From San Jose Intl Airport to Puntarenas it is approximately ninty minutes on the new highway, two hours on the old highway. At the end of Puntarenas, the end of the spit, you will wait in line for the Paquera ferry. There are approximately 8 ferrys a day. The ferry ride averages about 90 minutes. From Paquera you drive to Tambor then on to Cobano, and then on to ST/MP. The trip from San Jose to ST/MP, by car or bus via the ferry, averages about 6 hours


Public Transport

The cheapest and easiest route is the Direct Bus. It runs from San Jose direct to the ferry in Puntarenas, boards the ferry, and then continues on strait to ST/MP. Last I checked it was $15 a person one way. There is also the public bus system, which will make several stops along the way. You have to get off the bus at the Puntarenas bus terminal, make your way the ferry and then pick up public bus system in Paquera. Another option is to take a private shared shuttle. Many shuttle carriers operate within the tourist zone. You can arrange a shuttle in Monteverde, Arenal, Jaco, Tamarindo, Nosara, etc.. Your shuttle will bring you right to Hotel Casa Azul in Santa Teresa, and you will be "closer to the waves". See you soon!